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The Future of Transit


Improving our region’s public transportation system will create a pathway for building a more equitable and sustainable future for us all.

Transit Together is a study to identify opportunities for increased coordination and integration among the seven public transit providers in the Portland region. Ultimately, we’ll develop a plan that will improve the experience of current riders, attract new riders, and make the system more effective and efficient.

Transit planning in the greater Portland region is guided by Transit Tomorrow, the region's long-range transit plan. The plan outlines a four-part strategy to achieve its vision.

  • Make transit easier for riders

  • Create frequent connections

  • Invest in rapid transit

  • Create transit-friendly places

We'll build upon the vision and goals of Transit Tomorrow by designing a transit network that is more easily shared, understood, and used by riders.


Transit Together is led by the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG), the regional planning agency for the greater Portland region, with consulting services by Nelson\Nygaard.


Using our region’s public transportation is faster and more affordable than driving a car. Our system is funded sustainably and provides reliable and seamless transportation for our community, including commuters, mainland and island residents, and people with mobility challenges. Our communities support the long-term viability of public transportation by focusing new homes and jobs where people already live and work.

Transit Tomorrow, March 2021

How to Get Involved

GPCOG has been working to improve the region's transit system for a long time. Throughout the years, several projects and studies have taught us what the public thinks are the most important elements of service to improve:

  • Faster service

  • More frequent service


  • Better connections between routes and services


  • Technology upgrades to provide real-time travel information and more


At the heart of our approach will be an inclusive and robust engagement process, so there will be lots of opportunities for input!


  • Check out our list of FAQs

  • Get email updates by registering here

  • Stay tuned for future opportunities to participate in community meetings, pop-up events, and an online survey

Project Schedule
  • Market Analysis: A comprehensive analysis of the current market, demand, and need for transit services in the Portland region.


  • Existing Conditions: A detailed analysis of current transit routes and services in and around the Portland region.

  • Network Design: The creation of scenarios and options for how transit service could be improved, including consideration of microtransit.


  • Evaluation: Conversation with the public and key stakeholders about the scenarios.


  • A Final Plan: A list of final recommendations and action items to be implemented within the next 12 to 18 months.

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